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History of the Festival
…from 1957 to the present day... 67 years already!

In 1957, passionate of amateur theater including the brothers Guy and Max BROUSSE, René CELLARIO, Jean RATTI, decided, with the support of the Monegasque government, to help the very young International Association of Amateur Theater, by organizing an international festival.


The first International Festival of Amateur Theater in Monaco brings together twelve troupes from Europe. At the same time, AITA / IATA is holding its 3rd Congress.


The Monaco Studio, AITA / IATA National Center, supported by the Monegasque authorities, therefore undertakes to organize, every four years, in the Principality of Monaco, an international festival and the official AITA Congress / IATA. Thus, driven by the Monaco festival, AITA / IATA is growing with this festival of enthusiasts. From twelve participating troupes in 1957, twenty in the 1970s, the Festival has reached its peak since 1997 with 24 invited troupes from 5 continents. That year, the Festival, a veritable showcase of world amateur theater, took its definitive title of “Mondial du Théâtre”.


During these years, the Mondial du Théâtre expanded its activities: alongside performances, which allow the different troupes to compare their theatrical practices, Colloques and Ateliers have emerged.

The Colloques are a place of exchange for critics, directors, actors and the public, building on the shows seen the day before.

Ateliers, constitute a teaching time during which internationally recognized specialists provide their know-how to all participants, as well as to the public. For example, Andrew Tsubaki (No theater), René Jauneau (mask technique), Mort Clark (use of space), Michail Choumachenko (Stanislavski method), Allison Williams (masks and body expression), Gytis Padegimas (the actor's play) ...

"As long as passion and envy animate fans of Monaco, the Mondial du Théâtre will remain!"

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